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Still not sure if this is for you, but intrigued to know more? Please check out the questions below which are typically asked by new clients
What does a sensual massage involve?
Its a basic external massage all over your body with oil, done in an extremely gentle and sensitive way. Every part of your body is explored in an artistic and delicate way with the aim to give you the maximum pleasure and sexual stimulation. Surrender yourself to my hands and let me go to work on your curves and appreciate the beauty which you have to the full. You will be naked with a towel over you and I will be dressed in boxers and a T shirt. Sensual massage usually lasts about 40 minutes to 1 hour.
How old are you?
Well, the last time this web site was updated, which was 2020, I was 48 years old. I am white and British. I am also very experienced  and not pushy in any way. I want my clients to come back again and again and they will only do that if they are really happy with the service I provide.
How much do you charge?
This depends on the time of day and day of the week. I always charge more for evenings and less for weekday daytimes. Its always cheaper if you come to my place.  Some massages and services are cheaper than others. Best to text me on the phone and ask for a quotation.
Do you massage men?
No. I provide a women only service.
Do you massage couples?
Yes, if both people are female, I can massage the couple either individually or together.
I am very nervous as its my first time. How can you help?
Don't worry if you are nervous, this is completely normal, this is something new which many people only experience once or twice in their lives. I am willing to text for a few days with you to answer any questions and we can arrange to talk on the phone too if you want. We can meet in a public place if you want and If you change your mind when you see me and do not want a massage thats no problem, but it hasnt happenned yet...
Will you be naked when you massage me?
Normally I start with very few clothes, Boxer shorts and a T Shirt
Do you do visits?
Yes, some women prefer me to visit their place. This can be done, but there will be an additional call out charge depending on the location. You will also be asked to provide towels and a bed where I can massage you, or i can bring my table if you prefer.
You say there are discount rates for quieter times, when are they?
Normally they are weekday daytimes because they are the quiestest. Evenings are the busy times and  I do not work Sundays. I also offer discount for students as Cambridge is a university town. The cheapest appointments are last minute cancellations.
How long are your appointments
My standard is 1 hour which will normally stop once you orgasm, some massages are longer which you can ask about, and these will include multiple orgasms. My longest is 2 hours, but 3 hours or more is possible by arrangement, but this usually includes other events, not just massage. Overnight appointment is charged at 5 hours, but usually lasts 9 hours due to sleep etc.
What if I have a period
I do not massage if you have a period, so please plan your appointment so that this is not an issue.
Can I touch you?
If you want to touch me while I am massaging you its entirely up to you, I want you to do whatever you want to so you can completely immerse yourself in the experience and hopefully help you to enjoy it more.
Will you give me an orgasm?
Yes, usually, hopefully more than one. It can depend though on many factors. The type of massage  you choose, the length of time and how comfortable you are. Many of my clients do orgasm, in fact, most do, some orgasm many times, but if you don't I am sorry, I will do my best to give you as much stimulation as I can and if you have something special you want me to do to assist in this, please let me know, especially where your sensitive areas are and we can acheive this goal together.
Is sex included?
Not normally. If you want sex, you should request it in advance. Sometimes it just happens, it depends really on your desires on the day.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, I offer discounts for regular customers, thats clients who have an appointment at least once a month. I also offer discounts if I get a cancellation, if you want a special price then let me know and when I have a cancellation or last minute gap, I will let you know.
What do your other massages entail?
Nearly all of my massages  begin with a shortened sensual massage to get you completely relaxed. Then after that I will switch to the other massage type which you choose. All of the massages are aimed at getting you sexually stimulated. I do not do normal massages, you will be touched intimately and I will do my best to make you feel fantastic, whatever you choose.
I am a man and want to book a surprise for my wife
Sorry, I do not do surprises. I want to talk with my client before the appointment via text message so I can ensure she knows exactly what to expect and ensure that she will be completely happy with the service I provide. Its best to tell her what you are going to do and let her contact me  to arrange everything.
I want my partner to watch me being massaged
This is not a problem, but for safety reasons I prefer to do the massage in a neutral location, such as a local hotel room. So if you find a room we can use this is entirely possible. I can suggest hotels for you.
Have you ever had any complaints?
No, never. I guess I have been lucky, but no client has ever been unhappy with the service I provide as far as I know. I put it down to careful preparation with good communication and delicate handling of the situation. If the conversation before the appointment doesnt feel good, I will not book the appointment as I want to ensure my client is going to get exactly what they want.
If you have questions which are not covered here, please text me, don't waste time, do it now, while its fresh in your mind. If you don't have questions, just text me and lets take it from there.
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